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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Challenge number 1 - who could have known?!

So, apparently, my first challenge is to want the disks badly enough to actually get them...

I ordered the disks online... hmmm on Friday, 27th January 2012, and left light-hearted for a weekend in Barcelona - a great weekend, lots of fun and relaxation, read in my other blog. All along I was checking my emails now and then, and well - nothing :(. I only got the automatic confirmation, but never got the follow-up email with log-in details... Then I checked my bank account - nothing there either.

So, now it is day 5, my order has apparently not been processed yet, and after I sent an email to the customer services, I still didn't get a reply. You can blame the time difference, but still - I am getting impatient. (So much to say about the infamous TAM customer service - I heard before it is not the best in the world). If nothing happens by tomorrow morning, I am gonna spend the money to call inter-continental.

Cos to be very honest, I am afraid I won't have enough of excitement, if I don't get the disks and soon. :(

Never knew that my challenge would actually start before the BIG START, before DAY 1 :)))) But I will keep it up.

For now I am sticking with a healthier routine. I eat oatmeal porridge every morning - on water without salt or sugar. I know, some people say it is disgusting, but if you add an apple or mandarin (or any other fruit you really like), it becomes a really enjoyable breakfast - both tasty and healthy. I don't use any sugar in anything, and try not to eat too much sweets. I am also not a very bread person, but - sigh - I love pasta. So I switched to whole grain pasta at least. I use only olive oil for anything in the food (no butter, mayonnaise or any other oil). And I don't fry anything at all. I only eat fresh, boiled, steamed or backed stuff. Even though I still consume a lot of calories, but I am trying to have healthy yummy calories at least.

Hope to solve my little TAM disks problem and get it going with!!!! Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: At 10pm got an email from the customer service (yuhooo!!!), was able to locate my order, which was apparently shipped already today (so from 1 to 6 weeks of waiting for its arrival now.... :() AND got my password for the community. Will start getting acquainted with it and more and more motivated. Keep up the spirit!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little bit of history and pictures

I used to be very skinny. I don't even think I have pictures of those extremely skinny times, but even 6,5-7 years ago I used to look quite skinny. People still refer to me as skinny and laugh (into my face!!!!) about my "imaginary" problems. And I have to be honest - I do not understand what it is like to be overweight, but I know what it is like to know you might have a problem and people not taking you seriously - because you look "fine". I do not want "fine" however, I want healthy, slim and energetic.

Some pics below.