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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dance Cardio's List

So, apparently dance as a form of fitness is really really really high these days. When I read the reviews on Meta, many people mentioned that it was hard for them to follow the same dance routines every day for 90 training days (which ended up being about 105 calendar days - 3.5 months minimum). And as cardio work out is the key to loosing weight (besides of course what you actually eat), it is also essential for getting healthy. Muscles training is all good, but if you don't train your heart and lungs, you won't ever make it on top of the hill or would be able to run a marathon (well, for a marathon, you also need to run of course). Hence, cardio is not only about figure, it is essential for health. So, the last thing I want to do it skip the cardio. I solemnly swear that I will do cardio, to the best of my abilities and fitness level from now on. It has to become part of the lifestyle.

But to be very honest, I don't like all those Tae Bo and Extreme.... I like to dance. So, I decided to check out different dance fitness DVD's, to see what is out there. And to tell you the truth, there is a lot and a lot!!!

Here are some of the really famous, and less famous programs - some of which you can also do in a studio (e.g. Zumba), but there are also DVD's available. Below you can read a very long post with examples and videos. I am also providing - where available - links to where you can buy the DVD's, and I am using more Europe-friendly options. :) But in general, for especially US-based, Total Fitness DVD's seems like a good place to start shopping for DVD's. This is not really  review, and when I am expressing my opinion - it is only mine and I can be wrong, as I have NOT tried all of the programs below. So, it is up to the users to actually make their own opinion about all of them. I find TaylieTotGetsFit Youtube Channel really good in terms of reviews about different fitness programs. Finally, if you have other suggestions for the list, let me know - I will put it on as well. I am only one person, I can not know it all of course (and I am not saying I ever will :D), and there is SOOO much out there, it is nearly impossible to make a comprehensive list. So, there are some of the options of fitness through dance - this page might be where you start choosing.

Note: I will update the list when I have time.

Latin and Afro
Don't be surprised I united these two categories, as actually there is a lot of African beats and moves in all the Latin dances...

Zumba - this is a very famous program right now, and one can do it in fitness studios with professionally trained trainers. Look or an instructor or/and studio here. If you are still interested in DVD's, this is a good place to start.

Batuka - a spanish version of Zumba I guess. It is a little different, but is also very interesting, fast-paced and latin-sexy (and I have to say, I really like the music!!!). It is mostly available in Spanish, so if you don't mind the instructions in Spanish, it is good. It is not such difficult Spanish, after all, it is all about the dance :) Buying it is a bit expensive, but you can try it on Youtube:

Ballroom (and Ballroom latin)
As I am an absolute fan of ballroom, I think it is great there is so much you can do to keep fit with it and learn a bit how to dance. What is really wonderful in all the ballroom workout programs is that you use your hips a LOT! I mean most of the exercises involve rocking those hips :) That's a great natural workout for the body.

Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom (2009) - a DVD with the cute Julianne Hough (Dancing with the Stars two-times winner, she is an amazing dancer and looks stunning!), who teaches you some easy cha cha, jive and pasodoble moves (simple, but very much cardio!) in this 45-50 min workout. No jumping! - this is important for some people with knee problems for instance. I like her, she has a lot of energy, she is cute, friendly, good-looking, very blond and is all in all amazing. You can buy it on Amazon (I'm referring to UK Amazon, as I am in Europe...). This one is my favourite so far among the ballroom ones. I think, this is suitable for both beginners and intermediate, but might be a little difficult to learn if you have never known what ballroom latin is about. You can see it on Youtube these days:

Dancing with the Stars Cardio DVD's - a series of Dancing with the Stars encouraged and lead by different professional dancers from the show. Generally, if you are a fan of the show, this would be interesting, otherwise, I am not sure. The content seemed a little boring in some of the DVD's. 
  • Cardio Dance with Ashly Costa, Kym Johnson and Maksim Chmerkovsky. The positive side of this video is that I absolutely love Max, but then on the negative side, I find Ashly (while being sweet) a little annoying. Also, a little on negative side, you need a lot of space for doing this.
  • Latin Cardio Dance - also with Max and also Cheryl.
  • Ballroom Buns and Abs 
  • Burning Cardio Dance

Lisa Rinna: Dance body Beautiful - it is a series of DVD's and you can choose from a variety, she also has a hip-hop ballroom version as well - whatever this is... :) She also has a "salsa burn" component there, so I should definitely try this. One of the videos below - seems OK, but I haven't tried it yet. All the DVD's are available on Total Fitness DVD's.
  • Ballroom burn and learn
  • Jive, Jump, Ballroom Bump 
  • Ballroom Body Blast
  • Ballroom Hip-hop


Pussy Cat Dolls Workout (2009-2011) - a funny, sexy DVD from the infamous PCD :) I think it could be fun - you can also learn some moves for parties out. Works great for the core muscles. There are so far 3 DVD's out there, I am not sure how similar or different they are, but you can try it all out. :)

Billy Blanks Jr. Dance Workouts - son of the famous Tae-Bo instructor created his own approach to fitness. It is mostly hip-hop based moves and aerobics, but his charm, his presence and optimism gets you through the training in no time. I really liked it so far. You can buy his DVD's on Amazon, and here is one of my favourite Youtube videos - Cardioke :).

D's Hip Hop - workout series involving different hip-hop moves. I can't say I like it that much - from what I have seen in the videos. The changes seem to fast, and moves not so well defined and explained.
  • Hip Hop Aerobics (2 vol.)
  • Burning Hip-Hop Dance Grooves Country Style
  • Burning Hip-Hop Dance Party Urban Style

Mix and other (also some of the name-associated dance-fitness of different styles)

Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio - this is indeed my favourite so far. She has several DVD's - the early Dance Cardio, then there were the new DVD's for Beginners and Intermediate. They are all (except for Meta) first present all the moves in sequences, and then you train them together. The same way you learn a dance. In Meta you simply follow along. But there is no need to say more here, as all my blog is dedicated to TAM and her dance cardio is not an exception. So, if you are already here, you should know what it is all about :)

Jennifer Galardi - you can find a lot of different styles by her. Here is a great list on Amazon of different workouts in different styles: hip hop, latin, even ballet. Particularly wanted to note:
  • Sweating Sexy - looks like a very sexy workout.
  • Ballet Body - great for body stretching, toning. Not so good for cardio though, but great to get a very slender ballet body.

Ballet Beautiful by Helen Bowers - this is now a very trendy DVD. It is about getting a slim ballet body, not bulky. Apparently, this was what Natalie Portman used to prepare for the Black Swan... Impressive. I would probably try it later - after Tracy may be. You can buy it from its website.

Dance with Jullianne: Just Dance (2010) - another DVD by Julianne Hough, more energy and more of her, but it is a general routine, rather than only ballroom. Seems to be very energetic and high-impact. Also available on Amazon, but I didn't find any Youtube videos - only the intro:

Dance Off the Inches - a series of a lot of DVD's for Dance Fitness, they are available in different styles and flavours, with different instructors too. Some of them:

  • Sizzling Salsa
  • Cardio Hip Hop
  • Country-Line Dance Party
  • Fat Burning Belly Dance
  • Dance It Off and Firm Up!
  • Dance It Off Ballroom
  • Calorie Blasting Party
  • Fat Burning Jam
  • Hip Hop Party
  • Tummy Tone Party Zone

So, there is a lot to choose from, and as I haven't done them (I only did Cardio Hip Hop once - it seemed to be pretty fun), so check out Youtube, check out the different instructors, and choose what you might like most. Below is the Sizzling Salsa video - I have to say I was looking forward to that, but the video doesn't look so good for me now...

Pump It Up - a big series of DVD's of aerobic-like dance work outs. So if you like the aerobic part more, this is good. Generally, not much choreography and complicated dance sequences, you can just repeat the moves.Many of the DVD's are available on Amazon. And one of the programs is available on Youtube, e.g.:

10-minute Solution - for the busy and lazy :) DVD's which give you a chance to workout just 10 minutes or as long as you want (by combining different 10-minute sequences). There are different DVD's available, e.g.:

  • Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix
  • Dance your Body Thin
  • Blast Off Belly
  • Fast Blasting Dance Mix
  • and more... Just check Amazon and Youtube :)

Video example:

Camilla's Cardio Dance Workout - seems to be a standard (these days) dance routine, with a British touch. Seems to be fun, but I haven't tried it. You can get it on Amazon (and then let me know how it is :) )

PS I have not yet added anything about Belly Dance and Bollywood, as I am not particularly a fan of that. But there are a lot available in that market as well, so you can check it out, and I might update it later on.

PPS Here you can find LOTS and LOTS more of the DVD's. I spent quite some time looking for these different programs earlier, and it was a lot of fun. So, discover and enjoy!

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