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Healthy eating

What is this page about?

As all of us know... Loosing weight starts in the kitchen. But I also think that general health also starts in the kitchen...

This page is not necessarily about diet. In modern world the word 'diet' has a very bad annotation: it means that people are restricting themselves and loosing weight. But the word 'diet' can have at least two meanings. The Oxford Dictionary states that "diet" is

1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats
2. a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons

So, only one definition means "restricting oneself to loose weight", in another definition, however, it is generally the way a person eats. Therefore, I will avoid using the word "diet", and here we are going to talk about "healthy eating". What is good for you and your body. I am NO expert in this. And this page is going to develop together with me on my way to getting to know more about eating well and healthy, getting enough nutrients, but not too many calories.

I will start with Tracy Anderson Eating Plan, and then move on to some other possible recipes and tips. This is a part of my journey and I would like to share it as well!

Tracy Anderson Dynamic Eating Plan

Description and main ideas

(To be continued)

Week 2

My shopping list

Week 3

My blog-post, my shopping list

Week 4

The same as week 2, so it is easy. It is high on protein, you just have to make sure you eat enough of it. You need 2 eggs a day, a protein bar and chicken (I prefer boiled chicken rather than grilled), plus salad and fruits.

Week 7

My shopping list

After that folks I have gone off the Meta Eating Plan, it was as it was longer than I planned. I planned to stay on this diet for the first 30 days. After that I continued simply eating healthy and keeping the calorie-intake at bay. :)

Some of my foods

  • Breakfasts: start a day with a good breakfast, something healthy and what you like. It gives you energy for the rest of the day and keeps you in good spirits. I also heard of one nutrition and diet plan, where one is allowed to eat anything - anything at all - till midday... So enjoy it! :) My post on some of my breakfasts.

Some healthy recipes

In this section I will collect some nice web-sites and blogs with healthy recipes. Also, if I find some good and nice recipes myself, I will link them here. Eat fresh food and stay healthy!

  • One of the cornerstones of TA diet is having food with as little carbs as possible. This means eliminating (or trying to avoid as much as possible) grains - breads and pasta. I found this website with lowcarb recipes fascinating:  "Lowcarb Magazine" - for those who love food, but are also trying to reduce carbs in their diet. Follow some of these recipes for yourself and the whole family!
If you have any recipes, or useful cites, let me know!!!

Some useful links for healthy eating and dieting...

  • Do you have cravings? Often? From time to time? I found this a great source of knowing what my body actually wants and needs when I crave for something, and may be try to substitute for some healthy options... 
  • Track your calorie-intake with My Fitness Pal. Great tool on-line, also available as an iPhone app. See my post about it.

(To be continued)