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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 73 of Metamorphosis

Note: Wrote this post couple days ago, but only now got to Internet. :)

Today I am travelling to Prague – yes, again. In the morning I overslept a little, so could only do 20 minutes of the DC, then had to finish packing, get ready and run for the train. Literally. With two suitcases. And a laptop bag… To tell you the truth, that is not fun – not fun at all! But, strong as I am (extra exercise right?!), I managed to get to the station on time, dashing into the train panting and somewhat sweaty – but on time!

Nearly forgot my little hand weights in Bremen, but threw them in one of the suitcases in the very last moment. So now I am all set: I have one small suitcase of clothes (shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, bikini, hoddies…) and work papers; and one small suitcase with foot wear, cosmetics, matters of hygiene, all for manicure, jewellery and bijou… The problem is that I am going away for 5 weeks, and not only to Prague, but to various destinations and with various climates so to say (or rather various forecasts). In two days we are going to the south of Italy for just 4 days for a little rest and holiday (which means hot beach holiday). Though to be honest, with all the touristy things I have been doing in the past weeks (and no work whatsoever), I don’t deserve a holiday. But it was planned for a long time, and I am actually excited to the extreme: first I get to go with my sweetheart, and second I absolutely LOVE Italian food!!! So the diet a bit forgotten, I will be trying Italian wines and eating the real Italian pizza, pasta, mozzarella and drinking the spicy bitter Italian coffee. So expect some (=lots of) food pics. Tempting, tempting!

After Italy we are heading to the Swiss Alps (and one never knows what the weather will exactly be like in the mountains), where we found a nice cute chalet – a place for me to work and write up my PhD. I find that escape from normal surroundings help in finding inspiration, which is so important for writing! So, my laptop, my working papers, my sports shoes, Reebok cute leggings, sport bra, couple t-shirts and weights are all tucked in safely in my luggage, disks are waiting in the laptop bag and I am ready for work, workout and rest. Right now I can’t wait to move on to level 9 of Meta, but I still have lots to do in level 8 – which I like, but it is just already a bit boring. It is fairly manageable, and I think of using ankle weights starting from today or tomorrow – I just can’t wait for even better results for my butt and thighs. I noticed that after the 10 days fall-out, my body is actually rested, and it feels it is easier to do the cardio and the MS. So, resting is good, I made a mental note for myself not to miss rest days and not to beat myself up if I have 2 rest days a week. Actually I am contemplating working out 5 days a week or slipping into the schedule of 3+1 (3 consecutive days of workouts, 1 rest day and so on), so some weeks will be 6, some weeks will be 5 workouts, but that would give my body regular rest. But I think to switch into a new schedule with Continuity. Have any of you experimented with the schedule and worked out less than 5-6 times a week? I wonder if that is enough for maintaining for some people? Though at this point I still want to get into a more shapely muscular self before I start simply maintaining and keeping it up.

Already on way to Italy (the post came out a little late...)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 72 of Metamorphosis (again)

Aaaaand I am back!!!!

It took me some time, but I restarted level 8. I figured I didn't miss TOO much, so simply started from level 8. After all, the most important thing is the exercise itself. I don't beat myself up for not working out for ... 10 (!!!) days! Truly, I feel relaxed and OK about it, because I know, when I have time I will jump right back on the train of my working out routine, and it will all be good. People, don't beat yourself up for not being able to squeeze in a work out. Sometimes it is just summer: busy, busy, busy. Either you are on holiday, or busy looking after kids who are on holiday, or working over-time as holidays season is in full speed. I had visits, I have a lot to do at work, I really need to get down to my PhD. I don't beat myself up. I had a wonderful time with my boyfriend and my mum, I discovered so much about the city I am living in (isn't it always like that: you see the city where you live only when you have visitors??!!), I tried to eat healthy at the same time discovering the local cuisine... Damn, I had a GREAT week! Even though I didn't workout a single one time. 

And then yesterday I crossed out the earlier planned dates for level 8 on my tracker, took a new sheet out and proudly wrote "Level 8 - restart", stood on the weights, and hey - surprise of surprises - I actually didn't gain a gram, if not lost some in the past 10 days!!! My last measure was at 53 kilos, yesterday and today it was 51.5... It might be the muscle going off a little, might be moving and walking a lot (tourism you know!) or eating healthy - or all, but the result is evident: I didn't gain anything.

I started DC and my body fell into the dance right away, it still remembered the moves, it remembered the jumps and turns, and the energy. It loved it. I remembered how great it felt to jump the DC and then take a shower, and feel so great about the day and myself. Simply perfect. The day is so different without workout in the morning - it truly is my morning coffee :) I forgot how good it feels.

In the evening we watched some football (soccer for those in Americas): there is Euro 2012 going on right now and yesterday Germany was playing, so I met couple friends to watch it and say a little bye (I am leaving tomorrow for more than a month to go to Italy and then Switzerland... I know, I know, it seems I never stop travelling...) And I did my MS then - late in the evening. But boy I enjoyed it!

Today is the day of packing, trying not to forget anything. It seems like it is going to be a long night... :) I always always always do everything in the last moment... :) But I am taking my discs with me, will start Continuity on my trip! Hurray! I can't wait to share some of the final pics with you all. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Long time no see"...

I am still alive. :)

It’s just life has been too fast and too busy in the past weeks. I have been working hard on my PhD, travelling to Stockholm for a meeting, and now my mum (along with boyfriend!!!) is visiting me – so I am doing a lot of touristy things, walking around and to be honest, discovering the city from a completely new angle. There is soooo much to do in Bremen and around. I am actually pleasantly surprised. Will write a post on that later - hopefully!
With mum on board of a ship from Bremen to Bremerhaven.
So, a little update about my workout. I have not been able to workout while my mum is here or I was travelling myself. So, while I did do good with level 8 – went till day 6-7, I never managed to finish it. Now I haven’t had a workout for a week!!! I am upset about it, and will try to squeeze at least cardio in today while my mum is sightseeing on her own. But there is nothing else I can do – will just have to jump back into it after my mum leaves. And get going again with level 8. Level 9 is so close and Continuity is not far away either. I am trying to motivate myself and in the meantime – eat healthy and stay away from scales... :) That can only bring frustration. Can’t wait to continue my workouts.

Stay tuned!