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This is me

Hey there and welcome to my Tracy Anderson Challenge! I am a PhD student and lead a very sedentary lifestyle. This challenge for me is THE challenge of my strength and dedication.

I am not overweight, I guess not even that plum or chubby.  Even though I do have quite some genes (I used to call my grandma "A Watermelon" when I was 2 or 3... and both my parents are in L-XL sizes...), but I have always been reasonably skinny - fast metabolism. I also used to do a lot of sports as a teen. With years however, metabolism slowed down, and I stopped doing sports... And I have been a student and now working in academia - which means I have to sit a LOT! Over the years I gained a few kilos and lost all my at-some-point-existent muscles. Don't get me wrong, I am not over-exaggerating some non-existent problems, and even though I still wear sizes M and rarer S, I have huge love-handles and droopy bottom, belly and even slightly droopy arms. So - just in looks I can pull it off fully-dressed and that's fine, but that is not the point, right? At some point it was hard to just go up a steep hill... And that is really worrisome when you are young. I feel slightly embarrassed wearing a bikini... 

Now I want to dance salsa and perform. I want to look good in a dancing performance outfit and I want to not feel bad about dancing in those teeny-tiny latin dance dresses (and only dance as a workout is simply not enough). I want to dance a choreography ten times and not loose my breath. I want to look and feel better than I do now. I want to wear short sexy hot pants in the summer and enjoy it. I want to be healthy and have strong muscles, so when I have kids, my body is ready for it...

But taking on this challenge is not only about looking and feeling good for me. I have never had problems with weight, I never had to pull myself together and go on diet. In my 28 years I have never been on diet (in fact, I am a real lover of food!!! I love food, and hence, you will see in my blog a lot of pics of nice, healthy and not always healthy foods) and in the last 10 years have never done sports for longer than 2 consecutive months. I don't know how to say "NO" when I want a chocolate or an extra portion of pasta. I do, however, know how to eat reasonably healthy and work hard (at least in professional area). Hence, all in all this challenge for me is also about becoming  stronger and discovering who I really am. It is about becoming a better person. 

Hence, here starts my journey, and the first part of my challenge is the Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson. The long 90 days... I know I can do it, and I will learn how to be stronger, healthier and a better person.

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