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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meta Level 1 Day 1

So I started it yesterday, the 18th January! That's the hardest part I guess. And for me finding time is also a very very very difficult task. I wake up early as it is, and as my daughter is still not sleeping completely through the night (after Christmas travelling), I really can't get up any earlier. So instead of working out in the morning like I used to do in the beginning of Meta last time, I work out in the evenings, when Button is asleep already. Today it was quite late - 9 pm. After I put the little pumpkin to sleep at 7pm, I had to clean up and do some work, and finally got around to the workout by 9.

DC. So let me tell you, while I don't remember it, my body DOES!!! I could only remember that DC is crazy jumping. But then the moves start - and here I go, remember even the counts!!! Wow. I decided to start off easy not to overdo it. So, 10 minutes or so, and it was approximately at the limit of my ability for now. I did 11 minutes, and then crawled dead and sweaty to drink some water.

MS. This is tough and easy at the same time. While my body does remember it, the moves are hard to repeat at times. I had to take breaks, and I couldn't to all the reps. But then again, I don't want to overdo it, I need to get into it slowly. So it's fine. One thing I remembered I did the last time is switching legs between days, because after the first section, you are already completely dead, and the second leg doesn't get as thorough a workout. Standing abs is still my favourite part, besides the very last 10-20 seconds - when everything is finished and you know - YEY, I'M DONE!

I'm also adding 3 more things in the end of MS. First, a plank. I started with 20 seconds and will add 5 seconds every three days. When I used to workout pre-pregnancy, I used to be able to do 1.5 minutes. Now 20s was hard... That says a LOT. Second, I added some simple exercises for the back, because it hurts and I need to strengthen it. And third, I am adding as last time some cool-down section with stretching.

EATING. I'm not so happy with my eating yet, but I will get there. I will post later about how and what I eat. :) Also to come - my initial measurements, day-by-day reports (or as often as I can), tracking sheets that I prepared which are more convenient for me.

Off to have a lovely long day with my Button and at work. :)

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