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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10 days results

Two weeks in progress, and in my calendar those were exactly 10 days - or the first level - of TAM. Because of that, results are in order I think. 

As I don't have much time, I'll get straight to it.

  Day 0 Day 11 11-0
Breast 92 91 -1
Under breast 79 77,5 -1,5
Arm L. 28 27 -1
Arm R. 27 27 0
Waist 78 73,5 -4,5
10cm under 91 88,5 -2,5
Hips 98 95,5 -2,5
Thigh L. 55 52 -3
Thigh R. 54 51,5 -2,5
Bikini L. 61 58 -3
Bikini R. 60 58 -2
Weight 60,9 57,8 -3,1

(All measurements are in cm, weight in kg)

So to sum up, just 2 weeks of healthy eating and exercise has lost me 3 kilos (!!!), and quite a few cm! When I measured my waist and compared to the initial number, I couldn't believe it 4-5 cm in TWO weeks???!!! For my size, that's A LOT (or so I think at least). I even thought at first that I measured something wrong. So I checked again. Nope, all correct... -4.5cm. My hips went down by 2.2 cm, thighs - look at thighs!!! 2,5-3 cm each! Same about bikini, and even breast (what is important UNDER breast measure) went down 1,5 cm. I'm definitely happy with the results!

It is actually even a better result I had the last time around, though there I started with less weight and smaller forms, but still. The results are so so so important. I am sure now I am doing something right, even though I can't follow TAM diet, and even though I can't workout 6-7 times a week (which I did in the beginning last time). Now I am happy if I do 5 times a week, and 10-15 minutes of cardio, rather than 30 full minutes. But still, it is better to do SOMETHING, everything counts, and look what great results I have! I am totally happy. 

Will try to upload some pics later on. Yeah!