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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Level 1 grand results, before and after (with pics)!

So a little late, but here are the first results. I tried to keep with the diet for the most part, but not all the time,  - it was not as difficult as I thought. All together I am amazed, and fascinated by the results. Really. So here it goes (pics are below!):

Weight: -2.9kg

Chest: -0 cm
Waist: -4.5 cm
Hips: -2.5 cm
Thighs: -0.5 cm
Arms: -1 cm
Left Bikini: -2 cm
Right Bikini: -0.5 cm

So, the numbers are not mesmerizing compared to other women out there, but hey, I'm a small girl and any change is amazing for me. Any change is amazing for anyone! Baby steps!

And finally, here are some pictures of before and after. Indeed, it has only been 10-12 days of training, but I could def see more definition, my tummy literally went away (I didn't held my breath or anything!), arms seem to become a little slimmer and with muscle appearing to be there somewhere, waist is more defined... It is all small and tiny changes, but hey - it is only 10 days! Way to go! Love handles are still there, but oh well... Check out how differently my shorts fit!!! They are the same ones :) Haha!


  1. Wow! Congratulations! You look great!

    1. Thanks, Jae! Very much appreciated! I am sure you are doing great with your Bootcamp too! I really am awed by people who do it - it is so much tougher than Meta, but you are doing great! Would be great to support each other here. :)