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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10 days results

Two weeks in progress, and in my calendar those were exactly 10 days - or the first level - of TAM. Because of that, results are in order I think. 

As I don't have much time, I'll get straight to it.

  Day 0 Day 11 11-0
Breast 92 91 -1
Under breast 79 77,5 -1,5
Arm L. 28 27 -1
Arm R. 27 27 0
Waist 78 73,5 -4,5
10cm under 91 88,5 -2,5
Hips 98 95,5 -2,5
Thigh L. 55 52 -3
Thigh R. 54 51,5 -2,5
Bikini L. 61 58 -3
Bikini R. 60 58 -2
Weight 60,9 57,8 -3,1

(All measurements are in cm, weight in kg)

So to sum up, just 2 weeks of healthy eating and exercise has lost me 3 kilos (!!!), and quite a few cm! When I measured my waist and compared to the initial number, I couldn't believe it 4-5 cm in TWO weeks???!!! For my size, that's A LOT (or so I think at least). I even thought at first that I measured something wrong. So I checked again. Nope, all correct... -4.5cm. My hips went down by 2.2 cm, thighs - look at thighs!!! 2,5-3 cm each! Same about bikini, and even breast (what is important UNDER breast measure) went down 1,5 cm. I'm definitely happy with the results!

It is actually even a better result I had the last time around, though there I started with less weight and smaller forms, but still. The results are so so so important. I am sure now I am doing something right, even though I can't follow TAM diet, and even though I can't workout 6-7 times a week (which I did in the beginning last time). Now I am happy if I do 5 times a week, and 10-15 minutes of cardio, rather than 30 full minutes. But still, it is better to do SOMETHING, everything counts, and look what great results I have! I am totally happy. 

Will try to upload some pics later on. Yeah! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 1

Ok so it's been a week. Week 1 consisted of 5 TA days, 2 rest days. Not bad.

This time around I have found out it is much more difficult now to find time to actually write and report on my progress. Sometimes throughout the days I walk around and have the thoughts and phrases for a new post form in my mind... But then I never get the chance to actually do it. I will try to update as much as I can, but let's see how successful I am. I still have posts about my measurements (and progress) and food on my to-do list, so I hope to get there at some point. :)

To sum up this week. It was hard. Starting (again) is hard. But I found it quite easy to find the motivation for the sport itself. I am again doing the FintessPal app, and it gives a big pleasure to see your calorie intake, your exercise and the difference. And when you see that, you feel good. And if by the evening I don't have any calories for dinner, I feel really motivated to work out :D :D :D Haha.

No but seriously, I do have the motivation. I just hope not to be too busy... I work out mostly in the evenings, as that's when I have time after Button is asleep. In the morning I wake up around 6-6:30, get my daughter up at 7-7:30 (or whenever she wakes up) and take her to daycare by 8:30 the latest, so that I can start work at 9. I then have time only till 15:00 - that's when I go to pick up Button. I add another hour or two in the evening most days to stay on track. It's so good to be an academic to be honest - I can be flexible. Between 15:30 and 19:00 is my time with the little one. It is not so much and so I do want to make the most of it. We go for walks (and play in the snow these days), play at home, read books, then have dinner, a shower or bath and off to bed our pumpkin goes. That happens around 19 on work days (and 20 on weekends simply because she sleeps better at home than in daycare, hence is earlier tired on weekdays). After that I have a couple hours - to have dinner, workout, work, rest and go to bed. I very often leave grading essays or reading for the evening - I cuddle on a sofa with some nice soft music with a hot cup of tea. And this past week I did it after a workout and a shower - and it feels wonderful. I already forgot what a great feeling it is to workout and then go to bed feeling all of your muscles tired and lazy a bit. Wonderful relaxation. :) I sleep really well after workouts.

I just wish I could do cardio in the morning. I think I might try next week or so to get up 30 min earlier.

A bit of summary.

DC. My body remembers moves before my brain does. It's kinda funny. I sometimes start the move without even realising I remember it. I started off easy - doing 10 minutes only. But managed to raise it to 15. Next week challenge is to raise it to 20-22 or so. :)

MS. I still can't go through all the moves. I have to stop and take breathers. I also do slightly less reps, and it is a celebration if in moves 3-4 I can go 10 consecutive times without stopping. I also notice that the way Tracy does the moves on the two legs differs a bit, but I stick to one way and do both legs that way one day, and the other way the next day. I also remembered the good advice of switching the starting leg. Good stuff.

Yesterday (Sunday) I managed to strain my back when putting Button to sleep for a nap, and am still in a bit of pain, so it was another rest day today unfortunately. Hope I'll feel well enough tomorrow.

Now I'm off to sleep. Need to get my rest.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meta Level 1 Day 1

So I started it yesterday, the 18th January! That's the hardest part I guess. And for me finding time is also a very very very difficult task. I wake up early as it is, and as my daughter is still not sleeping completely through the night (after Christmas travelling), I really can't get up any earlier. So instead of working out in the morning like I used to do in the beginning of Meta last time, I work out in the evenings, when Button is asleep already. Today it was quite late - 9 pm. After I put the little pumpkin to sleep at 7pm, I had to clean up and do some work, and finally got around to the workout by 9.

DC. So let me tell you, while I don't remember it, my body DOES!!! I could only remember that DC is crazy jumping. But then the moves start - and here I go, remember even the counts!!! Wow. I decided to start off easy not to overdo it. So, 10 minutes or so, and it was approximately at the limit of my ability for now. I did 11 minutes, and then crawled dead and sweaty to drink some water.

MS. This is tough and easy at the same time. While my body does remember it, the moves are hard to repeat at times. I had to take breaks, and I couldn't to all the reps. But then again, I don't want to overdo it, I need to get into it slowly. So it's fine. One thing I remembered I did the last time is switching legs between days, because after the first section, you are already completely dead, and the second leg doesn't get as thorough a workout. Standing abs is still my favourite part, besides the very last 10-20 seconds - when everything is finished and you know - YEY, I'M DONE!

I'm also adding 3 more things in the end of MS. First, a plank. I started with 20 seconds and will add 5 seconds every three days. When I used to workout pre-pregnancy, I used to be able to do 1.5 minutes. Now 20s was hard... That says a LOT. Second, I added some simple exercises for the back, because it hurts and I need to strengthen it. And third, I am adding as last time some cool-down section with stretching.

EATING. I'm not so happy with my eating yet, but I will get there. I will post later about how and what I eat. :) Also to come - my initial measurements, day-by-day reports (or as often as I can), tracking sheets that I prepared which are more convenient for me.

Off to have a lovely long day with my Button and at work. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back to TAMily

This blog has been quiet for way too long. Over two years. A LOT has happened in the past years, and the reason I'm writing again is that tomorrow - 18th January is the start of my new TAM Challenge. And again I need the blog to motivate me - I need to report and analyse things. I will little by little update the site overall. But for now, I will do what I can.

For starters, I was not able to return my old pics to the blog :( My account was hacked, picasa album disappeared, my computer crashed, etc. etc. I will at some point try to find some of those pics and will post them in the new posts, but right now I don't have access to them at all (I'm guessing they might be saved on my old external hard drive which is in storage in another city and country now...). Too bad, cos this stuff online is also my only reference to my previous experience.

Now. What happened in the past 2.5 years. After Meta I decided to do something else. I started going to the gym, and even though I didn't keep that same lean physique, I kept fit and loved it as well. Though I got disappointed with several personal trainers over the years, hence was doing kinda my own thing. Immediately after the post I defended my PhD and became a Doctor of Sociology. :) I then started working as a researcher in Stockholm, Sweden, and about the same time I got - ta-dam! - pregnant. :) 

So we had our beautiful baby girl - I'll call her Button here - in August 2014. During pregnancy, I was really good health wise. I was doing TA Pregnancy project (I remember thinking when it came out, that NOW I can get pregnant, and I did almost right away :)), walking a lot, doing some pregnancy pilates and yoga classes and DVD's in combination, but generally learnt to listen to my body. I was very active up to about 8 months of pregnancy and in the last month slowed down quite a bit. Still, I only gained 7 kilos cos I couldn't eat much, and lost 11 kilos right after delivery. Hence, lost some weight from the starting weight. Was in fact the smallest I remember myself being ever since teenage years. But then fast forward 6 months, baby weaning started, hence less breastfeeding, but my eating habits didn't change since then. What is worse, I never found time to start working out properly again. I did try to go to the gym 1-2 times a week, but generally couldn't keep it up being consistent.

So after almost 1.5 years of no proper workout, I decided enough is enough. I gained weight - more than I have ever been, though still not too bad. But bad enough for me. And I need to get in shape for the summer, but also for our holiday in a month. After considering different options and DVD's out there, I decided to go back to TAM. I KNOW that it works, so I won't have any guessing to do.

This time around I won't be able to do the diet along with exercises, as I am eating with my daughter, and right now my partner is away, I simply don't have the time for all the prep at the moment. I might try it sometime in some weeks, but for now I have to be realistic. I will eat healthy, following a healthy diet with a bit lower calorie intake - I will calculate it all in the next few days.

So, let the journey begin! :) Again!