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Monday, October 15, 2012

I love IHerb!

So guys, in this post I am NOT going to talk about workout. Not at all. And I am sorry for this. But this is not an add, really. I just wanna share something I discovered, and i LOVED it!

I have been trying hard to get a grip of my life, and to slow down the pace of it - most of which I actually love. But it has been hard. So to keep the story short, I decided to go more green. I'm not vegetarian, and there is really little chance I would ever become one: I love meat too much. But I can add a little bit to the planet by recycling (which I do almost religiously in Germany here) and perhaps sticking to mostly BIO products. I know. It is different, some might say it is silly - and that "natural cosmetics" is still not natural. But I like the concept of bio stuff - all from nature and protecting it. And no, I am sorry I don't feel as strongly protecting cows and chickens... Go figure.

So, in the past few weeks I got pretty much addicted to It sells lots and lots and lots of bio, organic and natural cosmetics (be careful there with checking the contents as it is not only bio!!!), as well as stuff for babies, pets, vitamins, food, etc. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!

So far I got some vitamins for myself and my bf, shampoos, conditioners, cream, facewashes, oils, books, chocolate, cosmetic brushes, aloe vera, soap, blush and foundation... well you get the picture! LOTS of stuff! 

  • First, choice and quality! So far I LOVED it! The service is fast and efficient. Products are good, and I have found soooo many great replacements for the market equivalents. I love their shampoos, hair care, vitamins, oils and natural soaps... I mean seriously - amazing. :) Again, there are a lot of perks in more natural cosmetics, and I am only starting to discover this, but it is great!
  • Second, price. What is amazing for me - it is reasonably cheap. Somewhat natural cosmetics cost LOTS here in Germany - even products by Weleda, which are made in Germany and it is a German brand, are cheaper on iHerb!!! Generally you can find various brands, various components, etc.
  • Third, delivery. In the US it delivers really fast, worldwide you do have to wait a little bit - but it is worth the wait (around 2 weeks for European countries). Great thing about it is that it is also - CHEAP! Worldwide you pay 4-6 Euros depending on how much you paid for your order.
  • And of course, unused items you can always return... Not that I want to return ANYTHING! :)

  • First, it is really important to be careful and check the contents. Do research on your own. Don't simply follow reviews and advice of others: it is your health, your skin, so make your decisions wisely!
  • Second, there is a limit of 4 pounds and certain money-limit on each package. With international shipping, there is a bit of flexibility, but check your cart regularly.

Finally, one of the perks is that you get a code and you can use it to give to other people for mutual benefit. It is a bit of marketing tool - which I think is really smart and effective. So, if you use a code on your first purchase, you get 5-10 dollars off your first order, and I would get a little reward. And after that there is a chain of users - pretty handy! You can get more info on how it works here

So, folks, if you will want to order, use my code - I would be happy ;) Beware though - it is addictive :))))) Good luck! I started a new blog primarily on iHerb - check it out!

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