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Saturday, September 7, 2013

September - I'm alive! :)

Well, long long time since the last meaningful post.

Several news for an update, not more than that. :) Just to kinda scribble "I'm here, folks!" :)

First, I started looking into photos issue - they have miraculously all disappeared from Picasa albums. I am so pissed off. But this means all the links to the pics are broken with very rare exceptions. And I was thinking that once you actually upload them online, they stay there. In all honesty - the whole album just disappeared... And those pics I have actually posted from different albums there not related to the blog, they are still here.

Anyway, keeping it short. Once again, I will look into it in the next days. It means I need to get the old laptop up and running, the old hard drive as well, and then locate whatever was that I uploaded... Or unfortunately I might have to delete pics. But I will try to at least keep the "before and after" and results pics. :)

Second, I am still working out, though I left TA for some time. NOT because it was not working for me. But rather because clueless as I am in fitness, I decided to try something new. I have never been in the gym, have never actually worked out with a personal trainer. And the opportunity arrived and I decided to try it. So yes, folks, I am working out the hard-core way in the gym with a personal trainer. Doing all those things I thought I would not like to do. But it is OK. I feel stronger already, I feel great. And I will keep updating and letting you know how things are and a more detailed post on my schedule too. But as TA offers the flexibility of working out at home - any time and when you don't have the budget for the gym and trainer, I decided it won't run away from me. I can come back to it and will love it. For now though I am taking the opportunity to work out differently.

Third, and probably most important news: I FINALLY SUBMITTED MY PhD THESIS! This wonderful moment happened in mid-July 2013 and I am extremely happy. I will have my defense/viva on the 27th of September 2013 and then couple of weeks later I will be a Dr.! Only of philosophy (in sociology), but who cares :) This is big big BIG and I'm happy.


OK, there is MUCH much more, but I don't want to ramble, so leave it to the next time. Now that I finally have time, I'm back online! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Congrats on submitting your thesis! That's huge! I'm working on a second master's degree. Wanted to keep learning, but had no desire to write a dissertation. :)