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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ups and dooowns...

Today was a hard day. It still is. First, it's hot. It is 35C (which is about 95F) and you might laugh at me, but I come from the place it rarely goes over 25... At 30 my head starts spinning, at 35 I have to restart the system, 40 can cause a permanent damage... Hey but honestly - jokes aside - it is hard for me! This is one of the BIG reasons I love Bremen so much: it rarely is above 20 in the summer and almost never below -10 in winter... Perfect 30 degrees range I (and my skin) can tolerate (and I don't give a damn about rains). And even still, I will have to shock some people, but sometimes I might prefer -30C to +30C. Of course when I am in a swimming pool or sea, +30C is kinda better... But anyway, 35C today - with little or no breeze, no air-conditioning, no sea, in basically a city... I find that mind-blowing. 

I woke up pretty early in the morning when it was still sort of fresh, but by 11 I had a pounding headache... I did DC, but every jump caused violent attacks on my brain, so I stopped after 15 minutes - and being completely exhausted (mind you I was doing it in nearly sauna!) I did MS, and that went better, but still hard. My thighs and butt were screaming to stop - they were on fire really. But I made it through AND I made a little discovery for myself today. I finally noticed that Omni is actually Omni, i.e. working on everything! Previously I never noticed how much other parts of the body work during leg lifts. Today - I was pretty surprised! I felt them in my legs, butt, abs, arms, back... Perfect!

I actually feel drained, exhausted and sticky the whole day. I do need some rest, hence I am happy just from the thought I will have my rest day tomorrow. I think my headaches are only getting worse from all the work on the computer, but what can I do?! I did work for at least 4 hours today in my favourite place so far - the old fire-station, very spacey and airy, love it!  

And I will have to do 2 more now, but at least I am at home, and not in the heat of the day. And I will go to bed early today - need some sleep. Talking of sleep, I found this great iPhone app - Azumio Sleep Time. It apparently trakcs your movement while you sleep to determine when your sleep is light, deep or REM. You can set it up to wake you in a half hour range in the best time, i.e. when you are in a light phase of sleep - this will help you wake up easier, be more full of energy and not abuse your snooze!!! I tried it today - and you know what, it worked! I even forgot to turn on the sound, so it woke me up just with the vibration - and you have to know I am a very deep sleeper, I rarely hear a very loud alarm. I was surprised! Gonna try it again tonight, and will try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep. Everyone, very recommended app! (I guess though it is only for those who sleep alone LOL, cos otherwise it would track both people's movements... >_< One positive thing about sleeping alone!)

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